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Soft White Sixties, May 22, Neurolux

Soft, white and super


In an episode of 30 Rock, a midi version of Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love" emanates from Jack Donaghy's pocket. Liz Lemon says sarcastically, "Nice ringtone, Jack," to which he replies, "That's not my ringtone. I hate that California sound," as he realizes he has someone else's cellphone.

Even that uptight, dyed-in-the-wool Republican might change his tune upon hearing San Francisco-based band the Soft White Sixties. SWS has only been around a few years, but the band's classic rock sound, with edges rounded by R&B, has garnered SWS a sizeable fan base and the attention of music media.

We're fans of the band and our affection has been rewarded by SWS' repeated visits to Boise. We are always happy to see them because recorded material has been scarce, but this visit is particularly pleasing: SWS is touring behind new release Get Right (March 2014, Shift Independent), which contains more than a few tracks that would make great ringtones. Download a sampler of Get Right at