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Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel

This shovel's no trouble


Think of it as a snowblower without the extension cord... or the noise... or the diesel fumes. Even better, think of it as a snowblower the Amish might have invented. The Snow Wolf is low-tech, but check out its website and you'll read about what developers call "the world's safest snow shovel," which promises to clear snow three times faster than a traditional shovel.

While the $160 price tag may give you palpitations, the Snow Wolf also promises to "greatly reduce the very real risks of back and heart injuries."

The concept is simple: A heavy-gauge 26-inch-wide shovel is attached to a 35-inch wheel. Developers say the Snow Wolf is fully adjustable, can fold flat and can be hung like a traditional shovel. An additional chipper plate accessory, to tackle thick ice, sells for $26.