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If there's one thing the Internet needs, it's more photos of cats. Luckily, there's now an app that cuts out the middle(hu)man by allowing photogenic felines to snap their own selfies. Yes, move over duckface, it's time for catface, as your beloved Fluffy takes over your smartphone courtesy of Snapcat.

It's one of those so-obvious-it's-amazing-it-took-this-long ideas: The app attracts camera-shy kitties to the phone by displaying a moving red dot, reminiscent of their much-stalked-but-never-caught foe, the laser pointer. A swipe of a paw is all it takes to trigger the shutter and snap a shot of your Siamese, which can then be instantly uploaded for the world to admire. Owners barely need to lift a finger, giving them more time to scoop litter boxes and refill food bowls.

Why stop there, though? What about a feline Facebook? MySpace for Maine Coons? You can hardly imagine what your tabby might tweet--presumably, if they're anything like us, their newsfeeds would be a constant stream of human pics.

Make no mistake, all our bases will belong to the kitties, one crazy cat lady at a time. Just be certain to invest in plenty of screen wipes. I'm pretty sure McAfee doesn't protect against toxoplasmosis.