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Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

Tuesday, Oct. 25 at Visual Arts Collective


Denver, Colo., indie-rockers Snake Rattle Rattle Snake were crowned Best New Band in 2010 by Westword, Denver's alt-weekly. But had the group been around in the mid-'80s, it could just as easily as have won similar accolades. The band's brooding take on pop is the spitting sonic image of post-punkers Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Dissonant synths and guitars twinkle and hum beneath seductive vocal melodies that move in the manner of the band's namesake. Tied together with solid, simple rhythms and awash in reverb, the band hits like the back end of a psychedelic trip. It's a sound with definite hints of retro that feels every bit as futuristic now as it did then.

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake is currently supporting its first full-length, Sineater, and will be hitting Boise to play Uber Tuesday at Visual Arts Collective the very same day the album is released nationally.

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