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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em, But Go Outside; Four Brits=One Eskimo; Cazbopa

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Terrapin Station is one of the most laid-back music venues in town. The live music ranges from crunchy jams to Americana to indie to electronica to ear-splitting metal. Everybody there seems to be in a perpetual good mood, so it's a comfortable place to hang out. And it just got more comfy ... last week, Terrapin became a non-smoking joint.

The hazy cloud that hung over musicians, servers and fans will slowly fade away, leaving a clear view of the well-stocked beer cooler and the cozy couches. Patrons can now take in some tunes and know that they won't wake up the next morning with a smoking hangover. Terrapin has some other good reasons to visit coming up: locals 3Machine, Oilslave and Zen Zero on Saturday, March 20; Slain in Silence, End of all Flesh and Nibiru on Thursday, March 25, and Le Fleur, Malachi and Harvey Krishna on Friday, March 26. Check for times and prices.

Speaking of good times, on March 12, radio personality Tim Johnstone hosted a handful of fans and British quartet One Eskimo for an in-studio performance (actually, they hold these performances in a conference room). The 94.9 FM The River "studio" stop was the band's only one in Boise and came about because River listeners had been telling Johnstone how much they loved the band. Johnstone did a little research, found out One Eskimo would be passing through Boise, made a few phone calls, pulled a few strings and got the band to stop for an hour and play a few tracks off of their self-titled debut release.

Keep an ear on 94.9 for the opportunity to attend the invitation-only in-studio concerts.

Some serious shifting is about to go down on Eighth Street. Opa/Cazba/Opium owner Max Mohammadi recently announced that he will be consolidating all three by moving Opa Lounge into the adjacent Cazba/Opium space.

Because no move is complete without a debaucherous goodbye party, Opa invites local electronic heartthrob James Orr to serenade patrons as they say goodbye to their old haunt on Saturday, March 20. Then on Sunday, March 21--which is appropriately the start of the Persian New Year--Opa's bar will be torn down and reassembled next door. Opa!