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Some people complain about how today's society is too attached to technology. Activities like yoga and meditation should be a time to take out our headphones and listen to our inner breathing. The SmartMat yoga mat—planned for release in 2016—has found a way to combine technology and tranquility.

Inside the SmartMat is a conductive grid of heat sensors that analyzes your alignment and, via iPhone, Android, iPad or other tablet, provides real-time feedback on how to adjust a pose. A pleasant female voice will also lead you through guided yoga routines and even grades you on your practice before chiming "Namaste."

It's a useful tool if you want more corrections on your yoga poses, and the accompanying app also lets you track your progress and can help you reach your "perfect pose."

The SmartMat is like any other yoga mat: it's grippy, can be rolled into a tube and is portable. It can also take the heat and moisture of a hot yoga session and holds a charge for six hours. However, the SmartMat is more expensive. It can be preordered now for $297 and will retail for about $500... about same as your smartphone.