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Slavin in the Soup Again


Through our Law and Order-colored lenses, police work can often look like nonstop fun--all stuff like kicking in doors, making scumbags turn on each other and yelling lines like, "I'd bet you'd like that, you sick freak!" But it's easy to forget about the other side of being an officer--the interminable patrols, the endless paperwork, the dreary schleps through the wilderness to find some dumbass hunter or hiker. So why wouldn't Lemhi County Sheriff Sam Slavin sneak a sip of the good stuff to take the edge off of a recent search and rescue operation?

Well, for starters, Slavin was arrested in Boise last year for getting sauced and driving the wrong way down a one-way street while he was here for a law enforcement conference. Three months later, he narrowly avoided being recalled in his home county when most of the signatures on the recall petition were disqualified for being improperly formatted (BW, True Crime, "Membership Has Its Privileges," July 6, 2005). Nevertheless, here Slavin is again, after the Lemhi County prosecutor asked the Idaho Attorney General's Office to look into a volunteer's accusation that Slavin was drinking while on the job. We'll keep you posted.