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Skyroam Global Hotspot

Be it ever so humble, there's no device like Skyroam.



There's nothing humble about the astronomical cost of using your smartphone or other web-searching devices while traveling overseas; international roaming fees are a nightmare—but with the Skyroam Hotspot, you can now rest assured. This palm-sized gadget serves as your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot, to which you can connect up to five devices. It's user-friendly not only because it's easy to operate, but also because if you don't want to buy a Skyroam Hotspot, you can rent one for $9.95-per-day, with no additional costs, fees or commitments. Plus, you only pay for days you use. Schedule your rental, and the hotspot arrives in the mail a few days before your trip begin. When you return, just pop the Hotspot in its pre-paid envelope and send it back. If you do want to own this little dream machine, it's only $79.99 and you pay $8 per day when you use it. So, now you can do like the B-52's song says: "Roam if you want to / Roam around the world."


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