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Skating Polly

The Funky Taco, Saturday, Dec. 15


Sibling bands are a classic that never gets old. From AC/CD to The Beach Boys—not to mention Boise's own up-and-coming brother duo Red Light Challenge—there's plenty of proof that a shared childhood can add a bit of magic to the musical mix. Tacoma, Washington-based punk rock/ugly pop trio Skating Polly is no exception. Formed by stepsisters Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse in 2009, the band churned out three albums before brother Kurtis Mayo joined the party. Now riding the wave of its newest release, The Make It All Show (El Camino Media, 2018), Skating Polly will stop in Boise to headline a show at The Funky Taco on Saturday, Dec. 15. The trio's sound is packed with dichotomies that make it worth the listen, beginning with Kelli's sweet, little-girl voice, which becomes eerie when doubled and will knock your socks off with the occasional grunge-tinged scream. "Little Girl Blue and the Battle Envy," "Hail Mary" and "They're Cheap (I'm Free)" are all recommended listening.

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