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Sitting on a bank of sand, watching the river flow


As the first serious heat of the summer set in last weekend, with temperature highs in the 90s, valley dwellers far and wide began to get antsy for information on when the Boise River will finally open to floaters.

A cursory glance up or down stream from any bridge between Barber Park and Ann Morrison Park confirms that the waterway is still devoid of rafters and tubers, despite a significant drop in water levels. As of press time, the river information hotline at Ada County Parks and Waterways still went directly to a terse pre-recorded message stating that the river is closed due to high water levels, which the Bureau of Reclamation does not expect will recede until the first of July.

As the first of July approaches, everyone is wondering if there's any hope in sight for river rats who want to cool off without leaving the valley. According to Ada County Parks and Waterways officials, Boise City Fire Department must first clear debris like downed trees and reassess the safety of water speed and depth before the river will open.

Boise City Fire Department officials say they are hoping the river will be open this weekend just in time for Fourth of July floaters. After clearing much of the large debris Monday and Tuesday, officials say they anticipate reaching a decision by Wednesday.