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Simpson to Wild Horses: Yum


Simpson to Horses: Yum

Lawmakers in Washington, D.C., voted last Thursday to block a new law that allowed the Bureau of Land Management to sell wild horses and burros. Opponents of the law claimed it had led to the slaughter of horses in processing plants, eventually leading to the horses being served in restaurants in Japan and France. Supporters of the sale, including Idaho Reps. Mike Simpson and Butch Otter, claimed that the debate should be less about a messy word like "slaughter," and more about a nice one like "stewardship."

"This debate should be about of public lands and wildlife management and nothing more," Simpson said during the congressional debate. "In order to be good stewards of our public lands, these animals must be managed, and the only way to manage these herds is to take some of these animals off the range."

In the six months since lawmakers enacted the horse sales law, the BLM has reportedly sold and transported approximately 1,000 horses, with another 1,000 sold but not yet delivered. According to the blocked law, horses had to be at least 10 years old or had been passed over at least three times for adoption to be sold. The agency had halted sales last month, when 41 horses were found to have been killed. Idaho currently maintains six wild horse herd management areas, with an estimated population of approximately 700 horses.

Mmm ... decade-old urchin horse.