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Simpler Times

Friday, Sept. 27


Not all skate videos are created equal. They may implement some sort of fisheye lens, epically huge 15-set kickflips and footage of local transients singing songs or slugging each other (wait... maybe that's Bumfights).

What sets Simpler Times apart is that it's familiar enough to get real skate enthusiasts pumped, yet nuanced enough to appeal to a local crowd that may know nothing of skateboarding and its tricks. Prestige Skateboards means to display some of the region's skating talent through its follow-up to 2011's For the Birds.

Simpler Times stands as proof of the hard work and dedication each local rider gives to his or her sport. Edited and directed by Boise resident Mack Scharff, with help from the Prestige Skateboards staff, the film is also the fifth shop video produced by Prestige, which is premiering it free at The Crux with all the riders from the video in attendance. Viewers can pick up their own copies of the video for $10, so bring a little dough. Peruse the Prestige merchandise on display or sip on Stumptown coffee if the adrenaline rush from the film isn't enough for you.