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Sick of Sarah

Wednesday, May 6 at Neurolux



The lead vocalist for Sick of Sarah, Abisha Uhl, was born in Bahrain and moved to Okinawa, Japan before relocating to Minneapolis after high school. Guitarist Jessie Farmer started playing the piano at 10 and quickly traded classical for garage punk bands. Guitarist/backup vocalist Katie Murphy grew up singing along to TV commercials and drummer Jessica Forsythe played the flute until she realized it’s way more fun to bang on the drum set.

From those disparate backgrounds these women came together based on one thing—a love for riot grrls’ punk rock.

Reminiscent of Tegan and Sara and the Dollyrots, Minnesota-based Sick of Sarah hasn’t released an album since 2011—but that’s about to change. The band’s new EP, Anthem, drops June 30. Get your first listen May 6 at Neurolux. It’ll be sick, we promise.