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Shrinky Dinks Auction at Surel's Place

Friday, May 8-Saturday, May 9


Invented as a Cub Scout project in 1973, Shrinky Dinks are little pieces of polystyrene plastic that shrink and become harder and thicker when exposed to heat. When cut into shapes and drawn on with permanent markers, colored pens, even paint, what you end up with after a few minutes in the oven is a custom charm, ornament or piece of jewelry.

The art of the Dink will be celebrated and auctioned in two events at Surel's Place: an adult-only preview on Friday, May 8—complete with local beer and wine and a burlesque show—and an all-ages auction Saturday, May 9 that will include Shrinky Dink portraits, circus food, games, performers and a magic show. Don't dink around and make plans to be there.