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Phenomonauts, Aquabats, Epoxies, July 14


Still spewing action-packed ska-punk lyrics and high-kicking masked avengers, The Aquabats played for their loyal "cadets" at The Big Easy. It's been nearly a decade since I saw them perform. Knowing the younger demographic I invited my 15-year-old nephew to hang out with me, and to disguise the fact that I am nearly thirty and am I much too old for a mosh pit? The Aquabats had fewer band members than I remembered, no horn section anymore, but sounded great and put on a sweet show for the kids. The Aquabats' set was stellar (video monitors projecting retro scenes and sing-a-long lyrics), and the uniforms tight and majestic. Loyal fans were decked out in capes, masks and there was even a nun with a mustache! The Phenomonauts opened the show with a futuristic rockabilly punk style and a bad ass stand-up bass. They also turned a leaf blower into toilet papering blower. Ingenious! The Epoxies looked like they would put on a killer punk set (their costumes were made of electrical tape and chains) but the vocals and weak electronics were a letdown. At least it was a good time to hit the restrooms. I would recommend The Aquabats and The Phenomonauts to friends and punk rock neighbors looking to save the universe.