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SHOW REVIEW The Dwarves et. al, Monday, December 5


On Monday, December 5, the Bouquet and 1332 Records took Punk Monday to a new level. I would have written about it for last week's issue, but I was still reeling from the show and tired from being out way too late.

Manville opened and, I must sadly admit, I missed them. I do have it on good authority, however, that they rocked a party and their new lead singer is stepping right up, guaranteeing Manville's continued presence in the hearts of the City of Trees' residents.

Wilson Street Pub & Sluthouse Band were up next. When I first heard this band, I had mixed feelings. I liked their music. I just thought their sound and stage presence were a little too raw. When I saw them this time, I was amazed at how they sound and look. They have their sounds down to the note, but manage not to come across as too rehearsed. Byl is an engaging frontman and WSP&SB has more than a few serious fans. Plenty of people at the show knew the words to all their songs and the band seemed to have as much fun as the rest of us.

Surprise to me, the lineup included ASG (...the Amplification of Self-Gratification). These four boys from North Carolina put the "aaaarrrrr!" back in rock and their newest release Feeling Good Is Good Enough is in heavy rotation on my CD player. Their sound slides back and forth between good old-fashioned rock and speed metal and ASG is one of those bands I'm grateful I got to see live.

Then the Dwarves hit the stage. There were no introductions, no "Hey, we're so glad to be in Boise," nothing. They took the stage, played like they owned the whole damn world for an hour and then stopped. It was violent, erotic and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Blag the Ripper worked the crowd, shoving his mic in the faces of the faithful up front. And, the faithful knew their job. They sang, they screamed, they moshed, they danced, they banged their heads, they threw their drinks and some threw up. It felt like at any minute the roof would just blow right off the building with all the tension. The stage pushers worked as hard as the Dwarves and the whole experience was wicked fun. After the show, the band milled around I got the chance to meet Blag, up close and personal. He's tall, sexy and soft-spoken and seems genuinely appreciative of his fans' adoration.

This show was really unbelievable and, based on the capacity crowd from early in the evening until early the next morning, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that it would be.

--Amy Atkins