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SHOW REVIEW: The Clumsy Lovers, April 14 and 15, The Bouquet


Surgeon General’s Warning: This band, like this music review, may burst into flames at any moment. Read at your own risk. Here’s a recipe. Take heaping helpings of the following:

  • The Ozark Mountains
  • A gallon or two of Irish Whiskey
  • Two Pina Coladas
  • Cowboy poetry
  • The devil in boots and a denim skirt
Blend together and what do you have? The Clumsy Lovers.

If you haven’t heard of them, you’re missing out. This Canadian band is more fun to watch than Richard Simmons sweating to the oldies and more energetic. Who says exercise can’t be fun? From beginning to end, you can’t help but dance. No matter how drunk you get. Trevor Rogers, lead singer and guitarist can sing like a choir boy and smile like a thief. He and bass player Chris Jonat muse about their travels in the prose and humor of the finest cowboy poetry this side of the Mississippi. Andrea Lewis, the only woman in the group, plays the fiddle well enough to put both the devil and Johnny to shame. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Charlie Daniels Band had to rework the song so she took not only the golden fiddle, but Johnny’s and the Devil’s souls both. Drummer Tyler Tompson and banjo picker Devon Wells are new to the band. You might think it would be difficult coming into a group that’s well established but these two fit seamlessly. Tompson has an uncanny ability to come up with uniquely improvised drum beats that give a nice percussion and anchor to the songs. Wells can play some of the strangest, catchiest and most difficult banjo riffs around. Both are quiet on stage—at least verbally. The support they provide to the whole speaks for itself. With everyone’s unique talents, this band melds as beautifully together as Granny Clampett’s possum stew. Strange name, but something that warms you nicely and sends your toes a tappin’ til the wee hours. And unlike possum, the Lovers won’t have you clutching a bottle of Pepto after you hear them. One last word of caution: Make sure you visit your cardiologist and bring some throat spray. The spray for the sore throat you're sure to develop from all the Yee-hawing you’ll be doing and the doctor visit to make sure you won’t drop of a heart attack from four or more hours of dancing.