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Show Review: 3 Sides of the Cube, Sept. 8, Terrapin Station


A couple of times every month, local band 3 Sides of the Cube plays a show in town, yet they remain, in my opinion, one of Boise's most underrated and under-appreciated original local acts. Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing a great 3 Sides show at Terrapin Station. 3 Sides of the Cube is K.C Pagoaga on vocals and guitar, Chris Cullinan on vocals and drums and Matt Trettin on the fretless bass. They play indie, folky, punk rock that's always fun and original.

3 Sides has actually been around in various incarnations since 2001, but though many of the band members have changed over the years, they have always showcased Pagoaga's natural talent for songwriting. The current version of 3 Sides of the Cube, however, seems to be working rather well. Trettin's funky bass playing is reminiscent of Victor Wooten, and combined with Cullinan's always spot-on drumming, that has created one of the most solid rhythm sections in town. And Pagoaga's sometimes sweet, sometimes tough and raspy, but always charming vocal work seems to be getting better and better with age. One way or another, a 3 Sides show is always entertaining. Like that Saturday, if it wasn't a kick-ass original song, it was a band member thanking their imaginary opening act, Larry Craig and the Toe-Tappers, or it was one of Cullinan's signature catchy, clever and hilarious tunes sung from behind the drum kit. If you missed the last show and you feel so inclined, you're in luck. 3 Sides opens for Saxton at the Bouquet on Oct. 5.