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Short gun, long sentence


A Notus man is facing 40 months in federal prison, thanks to his poor packing skills and the vigilance of Project Safe Neighborhood. Terrence Leon Boles II was sentenced on Wednesday, March 2, at the federal courthouse in Boise, 10 months after being stopped by Nampa Police for a traffic violation. In the midst of the stop, officers discovered that for his trip into town Johnson had packed his automobile with his most prized possessions-namely, a sawed-off shotgun and an undisclosed amount of illegal drugs. He pled guilty to possessing the shotgun, which is illegal to carry in Idaho.

Boles' sentence was augmented by the efforts of Project Safe Neighborhood, a federal program seeking to reduce gun violence by extensively punishing criminals who use guns in combination with other felonious activities. The program has already added years onto the sentences of several would-be drug pushers across Idaho.