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Short Films Get Big Screen Time


In the Aug. 17 issue of Boise Weekly, we suggested that neither aspiring nor seasoned filmmakers need think that they must follow their passion to Hollywood. Resources--including grants, organizations like Idaho Media Professionals, and a community of like-minded movie makers--are available for those who would like to live and work in the Gem State.

Add one more to the list: the Treasure Valley Film Series, which will run on three Thursdays in December at the Overland Park Cinemas.

Local filmmaker Jeffrey Agosta decided to organize this series as a way for local filmmakers to get their short films seen. Planning is still in the early stages, but Agosta has outlined some of the specifics of the series.

Films will ideally be less than 20 minutes long. Not all films submitted will be screened due to time constraints. A small committee will determine which films are screened. There are no genre/rating restrictions, but the plan is to set aside one night for family-friendly films and one for more adult-appropriate films. Films do not have to have been made recently but preference will be given to those without prior public screening.

And the best part for the younger filmmakers in our community is that one night of the series will be dedicated to screening short films made by junior high and high school students.

If you are interested in submitting your film for consideration, e-mail Agosta at for more information.

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