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Shop Local Without Leaving Your Livingroom

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Let's restate the obvious: Shopping online in your skivvies totally beats out fighting crazed mall mobs. But if you're one of those anti-Amazon types who prefers to spend your holiday bucks supporting local businesses, your online shopping options are fairly slim. Well, now there's good news for pants-objectors who prefer to check off their Christmas lists without leaving the confines of their toasty homes: boasts an array of items, including rustic earrings, Idaho-shaped cutting boards, sugar body scrubs, domino-topped step stools and sweet hot tomato chutney, all made by Idaho artisans.

"We handpick our products from across the state to ensure our selection is eclectic, always fresh and of the highest quality," according to the website.

Some highlights include mason jar wine glasses ($39.99, set of four) from Ghetto Homes and Construction, billed as a "unique gift suited for your friends and relatives, especially the ones with a love for all things redneck." You can also snag an upcycled notebook with a Bladerunner or Sixteen Candles VHS cover made by Swinging Martini's Designs.

This holiday, if you're looking for unique, handmade goods from Idaho, is a great place to start.