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Finally, an affordable online shoe stylist


The decline in the volume of snail mail sent and received by Americans is such that the price of postage goes up every week, and the U.S. Postal Service is considering no longer offering Saturday delivery to make up for lost revenues.

It's sad because there is still something so wonderful and anticipatory about receiving a package. What if that package contained shoes, a handbag or jewelry? Better yet, what if that package contained one of those items chosen for you based on a style profile? Best of all, what if it arrived at your doorstep each month for $39.95? hits on something brilliant. A quick profile gives stylists an idea of whether you're more Ke$ha or Madonna, dig Stella McCartney or Dolce and Gabbana, and then they give you five trendy items to choose from. You can always skip a month if nothing selected tickles your fancy, shipping is free and returns are easy.

It's an innovative approach that everyone from Oprah magazine to The Today Show to Forbes to has praised. guarantees that at least one day a month, you will make your postal carrier's day with the giant grin on your face as he or she hands you your package.