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Shawn Colvin: These Four Walls


Shawn Colvin: These Four Walls

For three years, until the summer of 2004, Shawn Colvin must have felt like she was boxed in by four walls. It was during that time that she found herself unable to write any lyrics.

What good is a singer-songwriter who can't write songs? Well, she can still sing and that's what Colvin was doing until her song writing was rekindled. It happened on a visit to the botanical gardens in Salt Lake City prior to a show there. That's where she penned "Summer Dress"--the starting point for her latest CD, These Four Walls.

Over the next year or so, sometimes in New York City and other times in Austin, Texas, Shawn wrote songs and worked with her regular sidekick, John Leventhal, to create a 13-song CD.

On These Four Walls, it's obvious that her song writing skills are back where we remember them from her earlier CDs such as A Few Small Repairs ('96) which contained the Grammy Award-winning song, "Sonny Came Home." You can hear it in phrases like "There's a new kid in town/It won't take long/For what's red, hot and blond/To be ashes on the ground" from the song, "I'm Gone."

Then the CD closes with a tune she didn't write--a classic reinterpretation of the '60s tune "Words," which was done in a single take during a recording session, showing she may have been at a loss for words for a while, but that's not the case now.

Colvin has busted through the wall of worry that temporarily blocked her song writing. If you wonder what kind of words on the other side of that famine, I'd recommend a listen to the musical feast on These Four Walls.