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Shaunna Hall: Electrofunkadelica


Shaunna Hall has been on the music scene for quite a while, and with her new album, Electrofunkadelica, shows she's still got it and is still growing. This album spans a gamut of genres ranging from electronic, to folk, to funk, to hip-hop. Hall engineered the album herself using an Apple Powerbook, an M-Box and Pro Tools while she was on tour with George Clinton and the P-funk All-Stars.

The first track has Hall giving a hats off to Clinton by covering "Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts," focusing on the beautiful and socially charged lyrics over a trance-like, psychedelic groove. Hall takes care of vocals on this one, yet shares the duties with others throughout the album, including rapper Sativa Diva.

Hall's ability to utilize looping shines throughout all 12 tracks, though especially eight, nine, 10 and 12, on which it's just her and her pedals. Track 10, "Save Myself," and 12, "Details," sound like a modern twist on the wave of inspiration that gave birth to her mega-hit group, Four Non-Blondes. These are the two tunes she really sings. This sista's got soul.

Aside from the tunes, she applies ambient sounds and textural grooves with orchestral thoughtfulness throughout, leaning toward an almost movie-soundtrack vibe. Hall seems to be making music for the sake of music, which is a musical ideologist's dream. The tracks are as long as she wanted them, which happens to be longer than the standard radio playtime. Though not logical from a business standpoint, it's spiritually a commendable act. This looping, funky-soul diva is definitely on my radar.