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Sharktopus Vs Eric Roberts

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Movies like the Mega Shark vs. series, which has the animal duking it out with the Crocosaurus and Giant Octopus, embrace their cheese factor. Sharktopus, it would appear, is the latest slice of the B-movie/giant animal treat, with bad CGI and '80s pop culture stars. The trailer features Eric Roberts saying, "We've just created the Navy's first super weapon!"

While these movies do embrace the cheese and tend to lay it on a bit thick at times, look at it this way: Japan gave us the Godzilla series, in which he battles Gamera, Mothra and Megaguirus. OK, so maybe Sharktopus isn't loaded with metaphor like Godzilla and won't be half as memorable, but in the tradition of giant monster battles, Sharktopus doesn't disappoint.