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Several DuPrees Make Up One Eisley

Saturday, May 21, the Venue


Family bands are kind of dorky: the Osmonds, the Bee Gees, even the Jacksons were kind of goofy with their matching outfits and synchronized dance moves. So thinking that Eisley, a group comprised of four siblings and a cousin--all DuPrees and from Tyler, Texas, no less--might have a dork factor would not be crazy. But wrong you would be.

For one, they took their band name from Mos Eisley, a spaceport in Star Wars. Nerdy but kind of cool. For two, rather than a wholesome, down-homey, country-western sound, the quintet crafts dark pop rock with a soul. Eisley's March release--their first in four years--The Valley (Equal Vision Records), sees haunting vocals carried along the strains of bittersweet melodies as sisters Chauntelle, Sherri and Stacy deal with heartbreak and loss. When the darling DuPrees arrive in Boise, they'll make you think twice about what a "family" band is.