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Sergeant, Book the Sergeant


It's an unwritten law here at BW headquarters: Don't ever get yourself written about in the True Crime column. We imagine a similar statement might be made around the water coolers at the Ada County Sheriff's Department: Don't ever let your mug show up on the arrest record Web site.

Too late for Ada County Deputy Sergeant Carl Olson, 35, of Meridian, who was arrested Saturday night for domestic battery by the Meridian Police Department. According to news reports, Olson was taken into custody after officers responded to a call from his wife.

"It was definitely not one of those wild domestic battery situations," said Lt. Bob Stowe of the Meridian Police Department, who described it as "an argument that resulted in some pushing."

Olson was released from Ada County Jail, and we can't imagine how awkward that booking process might have been. So far, he's been charged with two misdemeanor counts of domestic battery and domestic violence in the presence of children. Ada County sources say Olson is on administrative leave with pay from the Ada County Sheriff's Department, pending the outcome of an investigation.