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September 7, 2005

Fighting for Fish


Fifth grade is a memorable year filled with United States-themed parades, science fairs and first-time experiences of "going out" with your cubby space neighbor. You're leaving elementary school and moving on with your life. No matter how much you'd like to stagnate in that year spent round a tetherball, time marches on, so you can't participate in the Idaho Salmon and Steelhead Days unless you're approximately 10 years old or teaching a fifth-grade class, but you can attend the Friday night salmon BBQ to get a glimpse of the knowledge being imparted on Idaho kids for the three-day event.

The Idaho Salmon and Steelhead Days are held Thursday through Saturday with field trips for up to 1,000 students to Idaho Fish and Game. The students will be immersed in biological, cultural, historical and economic lessons regarding Idaho's salmon resources through hands-on activities that encourage appreciation of human/salmon relations.

The annual event was developed out of concern for Idaho's wild chinook salmon, sockeye salmon and steelhead populations at risk for extinction. The Friday night BBQ is meant to raise awareness about the importance of salmon recovery to the public, in addition to the youth targeted events. The salmon BBQ (I know, I know--save the fish just to eat them) is a fundraiser for the educational event and will serve salmon, hotdogs, salads, soft drinks and ice cream with music provided by Bitterbrush Blues Band. Since one of the reasons for salmon awareness and recovery is to continue to be able to fish for food, the salmon-featured menu is meant to reflect that value.

Participation is open to all fifth-grade classes (not only southwest Idaho) and teachers need to apply for the 2006 event by contacting Brenda Beckley at 287-2901 ( If you have questions about the 2005 event, contact Dan Herrig at 343-9551. To volunteer call 334-2225.

September 8, 5:30 p.m., $8 adults, $3 children, Behind Idaho Fish and Game Bldg. at 600 S. Walnut next to Municipal Park, 343-9551,

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