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September 29 Mail


I wholeheartedly agree with Bill Cope (BW, Sept. 22) that it's time to get rid of the anachronistic electoral college so everyone's vote can truly count in the presidential election. But that'll have to wait. This fall, we have no choice but to help the progressive vote in the dozen or so states that will swing the election.

If you and some buddies have a few days to give in the service of changing our regime and preserving our democracy, then America Coming Together--the largest voter mobilization project in history--could use your help in October in our neighboring state Oregon, particularly in the Portland area.

You'll have to find your way over there, but ACT can help arrange a place to stay for those who need it. Since Oregonians vote by mail and receive their ballots around October 18, help will especially be needed then through November 2--going door to door, picking up ballots, calling likely voters, etc.

As the volunteer Idaho ACT coordinator, I can help you plug into ACT's ground operations in Oregon. If you can't travel to Oregon, we can still use your help writing letters and making calls to likely progressive voters from right here in Idaho. To get involved, send me an e-mail at actidaho@yahoo.com. Even as Idahoans, we have the power to help justice and democracy prevail in Election 2004.

Julie Fanselow



While assembling the Best of Boise issue we inadvertently omitted the write up of The Record Exchange as Readers' Choice for Best Music Store. We hang our heads in shame at the omission, for like BW readers, BW staffers are big fans of the RX. Here is the wayward blurb:


Record Exchange

We are please to give accolades to this store again this year. For almost 10 years they've won the best CD/record/music store category, and it is easy to understand why. The hippest, most up-to-date music, used music and music paraphernalia abound like nowhere else in a 400-mile radius. Throw in the coffee shop, pop culture gift items, posters, videos and DVDs, the collection of underground and subversive literature and you've got a Hall of Fame winner.

2nd: Barnes & Noble

3rd: Hastings


1. In the Best of Boise editors' pick titled "Best Idaho Trivia Question to Stump Your Friends: Name the two greatest baseball players born and raised in Idaho," we mistakenly identified Hall of Fame pitcher Walter "Big Train" Johnson as originating from Weiser. Truth is, this corn-fed fireballer came from Humboldt, Kansas, and feasted on Weiser lads during his brief minor-league tenure in the town. Big Train whiffed over 3,500 Major Leaguers in his 20-year career; we're not ashamed to add ourselves to the list. In addition, we readily admit being in need of a geography lesson for confusing Treasure Valley and Magic Valley. Killebrew = Payette = Treasure Valley. Got it.

2. Boise State radio station 91.5 is officially branded NPR News 91.

3. "John" Mortimer should be "Jon" Mortimer.

4. Cook's Two-Hole is in Melba, not Parma.