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Send Out the Clowns: Target Pulls Clown Masks From Stores, Website


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With creepy clown hysteria going full-tilt, one of the nation's largest retailers says it's going to pull clown masks from its shelves. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Monday that Target, with 1,799 stores in the U.S., will stop selling clown masks "out of sensitivity for the issue at hand." The company also said it would stop selling clown masks on its website. By Monday morning, a search of clown masks at simply read "product not available."

Meanwhile, things are continuing to get out of hand in the ways some communities are dealing with clown sightings—real or fake. The Los Angeles Times reports a Santa Clarita, Calif. man called police Oct. 16 to say he faced down a knife-wielding clown but scared off the alleged intruder with a warning shot from his pistol. When law enforcement arrived on the scene, they discovered a man wearing a clown mask hiding in some nearby bushes. The weird part—and yes, it gets weirder—is that the man who called police said the clown they found in the bushes wasn't the clown he'd fired on.

Idaho has not been immune to creepy clown sightings. In northern Idaho, the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office confirmed that an individual, dressed as a clown, had been exhibiting stalking behavior. In the Treasure Valley, creepy clown postings on Instagram threatened a Meridian school and the Idaho State Journal  noted an increasing number of "reports from local citizens to eastern Idaho law enforcement about clowns gathering or walking along streets."