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See Spot Splash

Tuesday, Aug. 26


On Tuesday, Aug. 26, the Natatorium Pool and Hydrotube will fill with the sound, smell and hair of wet dog. It's the only day of the year when the lifeguards give up on the "no running" rules and Boise Parks and Recreation opens the pool to the dogs for See Spot Splash.

They have to drain the pool and scrub it clean anyway, so why not let some dog hair clog it up first?

The sixth annual off-leash party, sponsored by the Idaho Humane Society, is free but all donations benefit the dog parks of Boise.

One-hour sessions begin on the hour from 3-7 p.m., to keep the ruckus to a minimum--or, as minimum as possible with 50 dogs taking over the poolside. Just get out of the way before they all shake.