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See Some Mod Moves at Off Center Dance

Friday, Feb. 24-Saturday, Feb. 25


Off Center Dance has a question: "What do you get when you mix 14 dancers and more than 40 balls?" No, that's not a bad joke. According to the modern dance company's website, the answer is one of its new performances: "Ball Change." The dance, choreographed by Off Center dancer Katie Ponozzo, will include the largest number of dancers in the company's history and utilize balls in some fashion for each section--including light-up balls and spheres moving through water.

The piece is one of six in Off Center's new show, which will take place at Boise Contemporary Theater on Friday, Feb. 24, and Saturday, Feb. 25. The performance will also include Artistic Director Kelli Brown's "New and Improved," which explores advertising and commercialism involving women from the 1950s and today. According the Brown, the tone for the piece is "sort of tongue-in-cheek."

The show will also include a piece by a woman familiar to many with some knowledge of Boise's dance community: Teresa Vaughan. Vaughan co-founded the Garden City studio Dance Dimensions in the 1980s and has helped develop the talents of many Treasure Valley dancers. Her piece, "Journey," explores her life as a dancer.

"My inspiration really came from the joy that dancing has given me since I was a child. I started as a dancer ... it evolved into teaching, but I never lost that pure joy of just dancing—that hard-to-explain feeling that perhaps only dancers understand. Now, I have come full circle, and I have the opportunity to express it creatively for an audience," Vaughan said on Off Center's website.

One of the six pieces in the show is a film about dance. Dune is Brown's third dance film and derives its title from the Bruneau Sand Dunes. Brown's new dance piece "Reach" will also be included in the show, along with a piece from guest artist Molly Beardmore-Heller.