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See It All With Ghostland Observatory

Thursday, May 19, KFCH


For all their cultural failings, raves, with their light- and laser-laden theatrical spectacles, managed to make music much, much more than just a sound. Acts like Austin's electro-gospel duo Ghostland Observatory transformed shows into full-body experiences, like the audience was wrapped in the music--something electronic musicians have generally led the way on.

Ghostland Observatory isn't short on texture. The beat beneath the strobing sensory overload of their live show--lasers, lights, video and all manner of booty-shaking--is built on riffs, hooks and choruses. It's full-body pop music that manages to combine the live presence of a rave with the chops and guts of a rock show.

The group's last show at Knitting Factory in November 2010 sold out and was the talk of the town for weeks afterward. Don't miss them when they come back through town this week. But wear your sunglasses.

With Dan Kaye. $22-$45, 8:15 p.m. Knitting Factory, 416 S. Ninth St.,