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Secrets of the Kèva Tribe


At the recommendation of her Chinese medicine nutritionist, my mother several times weekly procures a shot of straight wheat grass juice, plugs her nose and chokes down the concoction. Despite its taste, it must be doing her some good, as the menu at Kèva Juice purports that one ounce of wheat grass has the same nutritional value as two and a half pounds of garden veggies.

But I like the sugar (sweets for the sweet, so they say), so I make a mental note of the benefits of wheat grass (on the same list where I keep sit-ups, cleaning the shower and chewing off my toenails), opt out of reading the menu descriptions of dozens of smoothies and instead ask for a staff recommendation. Passion Paradise (mango, passion fruit and guava juice, pineapple sherbet, peaches and strawberries) is prom queen, according to the very informative gentleman behind the counter (who, for the record, has a "Bananarama" every day for lunch), and Strawberry Squeezer is the likeliest contender for runner-up in the popularity contest. I select Miss Popularity with a Stress Relief booster (calcium, magnesium, vitamin B complex and vitamin C) and the caffeine fiend with me orders the Ragin' Bull (Red Bull, guava juice, orange sherbet, peaches and strawberries) with a Kèva-Gizer booster (bee pollen, green tea extract, ginseng and gingo biloba).

Nine smackers and two minutes later, we sip two 24-ounce Styrofoam cups of tasty frozen Monday morning nutrition. Incidentally we'd spent nine ones on two 12-ounce cups of icky sweet lattes the previous morning, and Kèva won hands down in a direct comparison.

Kèva's 33 smoothies in orchard, berry and island flavors, or a variety of naughty treats in peanut butter, Oreo and Red Bull, combine damn near all your day's RDAs of vitamins (and sugar). Have a smoothie for breakfast, lunch or dinner, get it low-fat, low-carb, fat burning or non-dairy. And if you're feeling particularly brave, forego the sweets and go with straight carrot or wheat grass juice for just under two bucks ... I bet you can feel the vitamins going down.

Kèva Juice, 8249 W. Franklin Rd., 323-7200.