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Second Wolf Zone Closes

Wolf hunt numbers near half-way mark.


A second of Idaho's 12 wolf hunting zones is now closed after hunters reached the preset limits. The McCall-Weiser zone closed on Nov. 9 after the last of 15 wolves was harvested from the area. The first area to be closed was the Upper Snake, which borders Yellowstone National Park and had a limit of five wolves.

To date, 104 of the 220 wolf-hunting limit have been killed as part of the state's inaugural wolf hunting season. The success of hunters has varied across the state, with more than half of limits already reached in the Southern Mountains Zone, the Middle Fork Zone and the Dworshak-Elk City Zone.

But totals are still below limits in many other areas, including the Panhandle zone, where 11 of 30 wolves have been taken, the Lolo zone with five of 27, the Selway zone with four of 17, the Salmon zone with three of 16 and the Sawtooth with 25 of 55 taken. No wolves have been shot in the largest of the wolf-hunting zones, Southern Idaho, where five wolves can be harvested.

The majority of wolf zones will close, regardless of whether the limits have been reached, on Dec. 31, although the Sawtooth and Lolo zones will remain open until March 31, 2010.