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Second Deputy Leaves Adams County Sheriff's Office Following Shooting Death of Rancher


  • Gerd Altmann, CCO

The second of two lawmen involved in the 2015 shooting death of an Adams County rancher has left the county's sheriff's office.

The fatal incident stemmed from a Nov. 1, 2015 collision on U.S. Highway 95 between a vehicle and a bull owned by Yantis. Authorities said Yantis, 62, arrived on the scene of the crash armed with a rifle as deputies were attempting to put down the bull. Moments later, Yantis had been shot and killed.

In December 2015, the Adams County Sheriff's Office identified Deputy Brian Wood and Deputy Cody Roland as the lawmen involved in the shooting. Tensions in Adams County have been high since, with accusations and rumors becoming part of daily conversations in the community.

According to an autopsy, details of which were released in July, Yantis suffered 12 gunshot wounds: three to his abdomen, eight to his upper extremities and one to his chest. The wound to Yantis' chest, caused by a .223 bullet, was fatal. Toxicology results indicated Wood and Roland tested negative for drugs and alcohol. Yantis' blood alcohol content was .104 percent.

In July, Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden released a statement saying his office had reviewed more than 5,000 pages of reports, lab results and witness statements before deciding not to pursue prosecution against the deputies. Shortly after, U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson also also released a statement saying there was no audio or video evidence to support filing charges: The deputies were wearing body cameras at the time of the shooting, but the memory in one of the deputy's cameras was full, and the other deputy had not turned his camera on.

“It is not enough to show that the officer made a mistake, acted negligently, acted by accident or even exercised bad judgment,” said Olson.

This summer, it became public that former Deputy Roland had resigned from the Adams County Sheriff's Office in late 2015 and on Sept. 2, Adams County officials confirmed Wood no longer worked for the department, effective Aug. 31, but did not state if Wood had resigned or been terminated