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Second Chance Square Dance

Friday, Dec. 20


Some things in life are mysterious, but square dancing isn't one of them. As the name implies, four pairs of dancers form a square and respond to cues from a caller, resembling a real-time instruction manual. Though the particular style of dance is known worldwide, it is widely associated with the United States, and we take it very seriously; 19 states, including Idaho, have declared it the official state dance. If you're apprehensive about square dancing, this is a great first step. The Second Chance Square Dance at the Linen Building gives you the opportunity to show off your dancing skills or start your journey.

If the name of the event has you worried about going head to head with paroled felons, relax. The "second chance" here refers to the Second Chance Band, which provides authentic acoustic string music to accompany fancy footwork. While square dancing is the emphasis, the two-step, swing and western dancing are also part of the event.

If you need liquid courage before busting a move, a full bar will be available to patrons of legal age.

Whether you go in Wranglers and boots, a zoot suit or your best gingham frock, the Second Chance Square Dance is the place to do-si-do.