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Screens Big and Small


A few weeks back, I wrote about a few changes in the pipeline regarding editorial content. This week, we roll out one of those new things on which we've been working diligently behind the scenes.

Turn to Screen, Pages 38-39. Regular readers will notice two things. First, there's almost double the editorial content in this week's issues, spanning everything from TV to DVDs to Web content, in addition to our usual silver-screen coverage. Second, the big, gray box of movie times is gone.

The latter change won't bode well with a handful of vocal readers. In fact, I'll put money that in next week's Mail section, you'll hear from a few. But here's why we're making that change.

About this time last year, our press deadlines were moved up. When that happened, three of the four theaters whose times we printed each week were unable to submit their schedules prior to our press deadline. Therefore, when we hit stands on Wednesday, nearly all of the movie times printed in each edition were good for only two days of the newspaper's shelf life. To get to a movie the other five days of the week, readers have had to rely on online movie times or the good old-fashioned phone.

I had hoped the situation would correct itself, but after a year of printing spotty information, it's clear that it's time for a change. The redesign of the Screen section has replaced movie times with content that hones in on every screen in your life. Between our phones and televisions, our computers and our DVD players, we're surrounded by screens. Our mission is to talk about the breadth of content we find on all the screens of our daily lives.

So where should you look now for movie times? For starters, you can go to boiseweekly.com. Click on Screen in the toolbar and then on the option that says "Movie Times and Listings." Or you can pick up the phone. Each week, we will continue to print a directory of movie theaters with addresses and phone numbers, in addition to a list of opening films and the theaters that are expected to show them.