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Screaming Females Both Scream and Shred

Tuesday, April 17 at The Crux


Some people are born and, somewhere during the course of their life, decide to pick up a musical instrument. Some people appear to be born specifically to pick one up. Screaming Females guitarist Marissa Paternoster is the latter.

The New Brunswick, N.J., trio wields a mighty sound somewhere between power-pop and the riot grrrl alt-rock of the mid-'90s. But live, it's hard to pay attention to much beyond the rare level of control Paternoster wields over her instrument. She moves seamlessly from wailing solos to humming melodies to snarling riffs to squealing accents to twinkling ambience, yet somehow manages never to let it overshadow the songs as a whole.

Paternoster and company will play The Crux on Tuesday, April 17. Know Patternoster will be there to do one thing: play guitar. The rest is just going through the motions.

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