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Scratch the Devil and You Might Find an Artist

Say what you will about lawyers and members of the fourth estate, but many of them may have a little creativity at the bottom of their hardened little hearts. If you are a barrister, journalist or on-air media personality and want to show the community that you're not just out to ruin people's lives, consider submitting a few samples of your work for the Garden City Library's "Books and Brushes" program.

Each month, "Books and Brushes" features different artists, and program sponsor Nancy Katich said she thinks exhibiting work by lawyers and magistrates one month and the media another is an idea that's ready for prime time.

All of the art will be juried and needs to be framed or gallery-stretched for exhibition. The work should be flat work, which includes mixed media, oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, photography, etc. The work also needs to be available for sale. Artists are asked to contribute 20 percent of any piece sold to the library foundation.

Lawyer/magistrate month is August and September is reserved for the media, so if you defend justice in a courtroom, in print or across the airwaves, you have time to clean off your canvases and brush off your brushes and make your artistic visions a reality.

For more information, call Nancy Katich at 208-378-4417, or e-mail her at

You've Seen it Before

Visual artist William Lewis was recently commissioned to create public work for the branch library at the Hillcrest Shopping Center. According to a recent interview posted at the J Crist Web site, Lewis said he wanted to work with images he "associated with books, libraries and the process of writing." He said the source material for the images was taken mostly from the Internet because he "wanted to deal with the idea of recycling ... recycling material, recycling of ideas, recycling of images." Nearly 30 pieces of Lewis' work will be on display at the library, and on April 30 from 6-7:30 p.m., he will speak about the collection. The presentation is free and open to the public.

Hillcrest Library branch, 5246 W. Overland Rd., 208-562-4996.

Kicking Ass Across the Country

After the events of 9/11, people the world over struggled to find ways to deal with the raw emotion the devastation caused. Those who could create used their creativity, including sculptor and owner of Woman of Steel Gallery, Irene Deely. She began work on what would become Liberty in response to 9/11. Liberty began as a 28-inch by 18-inch by 12-inch cast bronze and welded steel sculpture that depicts the iconic Statue of Liberty much as she stands in the New York Harbor but with one very big difference: Deely's Lady Liberty stands on one bronze leg while the other is throwing a side kick.

For Deely, the small sculpture wasn't quite enough.

An 8-foot version of the statue is currently at the foundry and plans are under way for the Liberty Let's Roll 2008 Tour to Ellis Island with several stops along the way. Deely writes that the idea for the trip came from a desire to "get Liberty's feet out of concrete, off the island and moving because the real Liberty would not just stand on a stone pedestal holding a torch."

A trip hauling a flatbed with an 8-foot cast-bronze sculpture to all points east is not going to be cheap. Women of Steel Gallery will be hosting a big block party fundraiser on June 7 from noon to midnight to help get Liberty rolling. If you are a musician and would like to volunteer your talents, a food vendor who would like to set up a booth, an artist who would like to create or perform or if you would just like to volunteer your time to sell LiberTee shirts, work in the beer garden or schlep any one of the hundreds of other tasks they need help with, contact gallery manager Jennifer Walters at or 208-331-5632 by May 24.