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Scrabble Cheez-It

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There has long been a rift in my household. A war, of sorts, that split the family into two factions: those who prefer Cheez-Its and those who like Cheese Nips. From ancient snacking grudge broke new cracker mutiny, where cheesy crumbs made civil hands unclean. Though the ferocity of the battle has lessened over the years, it is still a point of contention. Until now.

With the release of Scrabble Junior Cheez-Its, which are each stamped with a different letter, Sunshine has forever solidified its spot at the top of the snack cracker pyramid. Now, not only is the Cheez-It the superior snack--ridged, deep orange squares dusted with ample salt kernels--it is superiorly fun to eat. Can you spell "delicious" with Cheese Nips? I think not.

While it should be noted that refraining from eating the tiles in a Cheez-It Scrabble game is much more difficult than in a regular Scrabble game, the sheer delight of playing with your food overshadows any logistical pitfalls. Not to mention, at 140 calories and 5 grams of fat per serving, Scrabble Junior Cheez-Its are better for you than original Cheez-Its, which are 150 calories and 8 grams of fat. One possible explanation: Scrabble Cheez-Its have a slightly smaller, yet totally fitting, 26-cracker serving size. Adorable.