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During my childhood in rural Idaho, big cities often carried a reputation among us country folk as places where brutal crimes are committed for relatively minor reasons. Boise, however, usually wasn't mentioned on the list of terrors alongside, "In Los Angeles, they'll shoot ya for yer shoes!" and, "My friend knows this girl in New York who got shot because she looked at someone the wrong way!"

But after last weekend, Boise took yet another step up on the scary-scale with the unveiling if the latest crime gossip: "I heard some guy in Boise stabbed a cabbie in the neck over a $10 fare!"

That's the accusation police have levied against Robert J. Eldredge, 34, who they arrested in East Boise last Saturday night, May 12. The suspect in the case, they say, stabbed a female Orange Cab cab driver in a parking lot at the corner of Boise Avenue and Apple Street.

Why he stabbed her is still being investigated, although police say the suspect had been a passenger in the taxi, and that he had racked up a $10 ticket before apparently stabbing the victim in the throat and fleeing on foot. When officers approached Eldredge in Baggley Park just after 7 p.m., he was reportedly carrying a knife.