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Savor Some Sweet Suds With Brewer's Cow Ice Cream

New England ice cream manufacturer marries beer and dessert in a scrumptious way.


Ice cream has hopped up children on sugar for a long time. But now the tasty indulgence is incorporating hops that have more in common with the bitter variety found in favorite brews.

Sure, Guinness floats have been around for a while, and you can buy Bailey's ice cream in the frozen foods aisle, but Brewer's Cow offers something unique. Its ice cream is made from 16 percent butterfat cream that's slow-churned and flavored by premium, big-name brews: Sam Adams, Ten Penny Ale, Thomas Hooker Chocolate Truffle Stout, and black-and-tan varieties can be purchased in six- and 12-pack formats. The hardcore beer-and-ice cream fuser can purchase a handy float gift set for $42.

But before you alter your pre-funk plans and put down your 40, read the itty-bitty print on the website: "Contains no alcohol. All alcohol is evaporated in the cooking process." The good news: Anyone can enjoy a beer and ice cream concoction. The bad news: It won't get you drunk.

And now for more bad news. The Brewer's Cow is an East Coast business. Meaning you'll have to salivate while your dessert is shipped across the United States. Or if you find yourself in New England, Whole Foods offers pints in-store. The company offers $12 shipping on its six packs and $18 on 12 packs to anywhere in the Lower 48, and it's guaranteed frozen.