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Save Your iPhone's Life With This Handy Case

Lifeproof case make your smart phone nearly indestructable.

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As the bold warnings on blow dryers make it abundantly clear, if you use consumer electronics in the bathtub, your bones will light up like a cartoon X-ray. In fact, the bath is one of the last peaceful, electronic respites—though some might risk warping the pages of a paperback, most relegate their e-readers to the bedroom.

Well, not anymore.

Lifeproof now manufactures virtually indestructible iPhone cases that are dirt, snow, shock and, yes, waterproof. According to the Lifeproof website:

"Chat, text or watch movies in the bath. Your Lifeproof case is designed for total water immersion. What's more, you can watch movies in the shower or listen to music because your Lifeproof Case has patent-pending features that let the sound pass but keep the water out."

The case is rated for complete water immersion up to 6.6 feet and allows you to take underwater photos and videos. In a disgusting, user-submitted video on the Lifeproof website, a woman chucks her iPhone across a parking lot before sitting down to eat a fast food burger while hovering over the phone. Blobs of ketchup and grease ooze all over the screen. Unphased, she dunks the phone into her soda to clean it off.

Though Lifeproof's iPhone cases are on the pricey side—$79.99 a pop—they're worth it for the accident prone among us. Lifeproof is also currently taking orders for iPad 2 cases.