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Save My Ink


As recently as October 2015, the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art was actively engaged in an effort to frame tats taken from corpses. That's not nearly as creepy as it might at first sound.

Under the aegis of "Save My Ink," NAPSA members could pay a fee and yearly dues to the non-profit with the agreement that upon their deaths, NAPSA would work with the embalmer to remove their beloved tattoo, treat it against decomposition and mount it under glass for their loved ones to contemplate.

According to "Whether you have spent countless hours and large sums of money on your tattoos or you have a few especially meaningful pieces, the labor and stories behind your tattoos can carry on for future generations to experience."

Unfortunately, NAPSA no longer offers the service through its membership program, but the organization "is exploring providing preservation services directly through funeral homes."

To view a gallery of preserved specimens, check out the website. In the meantime, start saving up. NAPSA estimated the removal and preservation process costs about $2,000.