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2012 Wish List to Santa: Reindeer, Chocolate ... and Eva Longoria

But British survey finds children wanted a newborn baby more than anything else


Even Santa may have a bit of trouble with this year's Christmas lists.

According to a survey of 2,000 British parents, a dad is the 10th most popular request from children who believe the jolly old St. Nick's capable of real magic.

The Telegraph reported that while the most popular request from children is to request a newborn baby as an addition to their family, it's closely followed by a request for a real-life reindeer.

Other popular requests? Pet horses and cars, dogs and chocolate. iPads and iPhones, though popular, were not in the Top 10. As far as kids asking for new mother, the request reached only about 23 on the list.

The wackiest request? The Daily Mail reported that at a British Mall, one child raised eyebrows when he requested that Santa deliver to his doorstep, Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives.

The Top Ten Wish List

1. Baby brother or sister

2. Reindeer

3. Horse

4. Car

5. Dog

6. Chocolates

7. House

8. Snow

9. Rock

10. Dad