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Santa Takes a Ski Break


If you had to travel around the world in a day, haul a big bag of gifts up and down countless chimneys and visit every shopping center on the planet in a couple weeks' time, wouldn't you want to play hooky for a while? Rumor has it that Santa needs a break, and he's chosen Brundage Mountain as the spot where he can take a couple of hours to chill out on his busiest day of the year. The elf chief will be heading to the McCall-area ski resort at 2 p.m. to visit with kids and families who are spending their holiday on the slopes.

Hanging out with Santa on this crazy-busy-special day is an opportunity that doesn't come along too often and is something your wee ones are likely to remember as a holiday highlight far into the future. So even if your plans don't include strapping on the skis that day, you can always just stop by to wish Santa a merry Christmas if you're in the area. He'll be in the Brundage Mountain kids' center at 2 p.m. to visit for a bit and then plans to get in a few runs on the mountain, spreading holiday cheer and passing out candy canes before getting back to work. His sleigh leaves at 4 p.m.--tight schedules and all, you know--so be sure you're there on time.