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San Inazio Festival

Friday-Sunday, July 29-31


The San Inazio Festival has filled the Basque Block with thousands of revelers for more than 50 years. The celebration gets under way Friday, July 29 with the "Friends and Family Night" where celebrants bring their favorite pintxos (appetizers). Throughout much of the evening pala (similar to racquetball) will be played at the Fronton at 619 Grove Street, but partiers like to stay cool inside the Basque Center where the pala games are televised. Saturday, July 30 is packed with street performances, including the adorable Boiseko Gazteak Dancers (ages 3-14). The music, food and drink continues into the evening. A special San Inazio Mass at St. John's Cathedral will also be held Saturday evening. The merriment returns to the Basque Block on Sunday, 31 until revelers crawl home and dream about next year's festival.