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San Francisco-Based Spin Releases e-Scooters in Boise


  • Harrison Berry
The latest company to join Boise's e-scooter fray, Spin, rolled out a batch of its e-scooters  April 21. Even though the San Francisco-based company is licensed in Boise to release 250 of the devices, as of Wednesday, just 50 Spin e-scooters were available for rent, according to Boise City spokesman Mike Journee.

"I do know that on any given day, the other companies don't always have 250 [e-scooters] on the streets, and that has to do with a number of things," Journee said, referring to Bird and Lime, both of which toggle the number of e-scooters they deploy in Boise, depending on factors like the weather, expected use and local events.

Spin is the third and final e-scooter company to release devices in Boise. According to a package of ordinances passed by the Boise City Council in the summer of 2018, three such companies are allowed to do business in Boise at one time, and each license entitles a company to release a maximum of 250 devices.

At an upcoming Boise City Council meeting this summer, city staff is expected to deliver a presentation on the "health" of those rules, and make recommendations about possible changes, including the maximum number of e-scooter vendors and devices allowed in the City of Trees.