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Common sense dictates that when attempting to pull off an armed robbery, it's probably best to keep things simple. Choose your target business ahead of time. Wear generic-looking clothing, like a football-team-logo hat and a university sweatshirt. Walk in the front door, do your thing and walk out the back door, and so on.

However, common sense also dictates that this plan has limits. If you, the robber, hold up the same type of store every Friday at about the same time while wearing the same clothes, there's a good chance the police will eventually catch on. Third time was a charm for the Nampa Police Department last Friday morning, as a plain-clothes officer noticed a familiar character walking into a Cash Store at around 10 a.m. It was Josh Adams, 20, of Nampa, whom the department was eyeballing for two other robberies: a Singers Insta-Cash two Fridays earlier, and an Advance America Cash Advance (that's not a typo; the place's name actually has the word "advance" in it twice) on the previous Friday. In both cases, the robber wore a Buffalo Bills cap and a hoodie that had the word "UNIVERSITY" printed across the front, a la John Belushi's "COLLEGE" sweater in National Lampoon's Animal House.

So how'd the police figure out whom to watch for?

"I hate to give away our secrets," Sgt. Mike Waggoner told BW. "But it's safe to say we developed a plan and we were doing surveillance specifically for him. And it paid off."

The officer at the Cash Store approached Adams, who ran to a nearby vehicle and drove away. After obtaining the car's license plate number from a witness, officers swarmed Adams' house and found the suspect hiding nearby. Adams is charged with two counts of armed robbery and one count of attempted armed robbery, along with a count of obstructing a police officer.